While I plowed through a lot of backlog the past several days, I still have some 120 messages piled deep.

That work did result in a number of improvements, culminating in a rather rushed release of version 5.20150327 today, to fix a regression affecting git annex sync when using the standalone linux tarballs. Unfortunately, I then had to update those tarballs a second time after the release as the first fix was incomplete.

And, I'm feeling super stressed out. At this point, I think I should step away until the end of the month. Unfortunately, this will mean more backlog later. Including lots of noise and hand-holding that I just don't seem to have time for if I want to continue making forward progress.

Maybe I'll think of a way to deal with it while I'm away. Currently, all I have is that I may have to start ignoring irc and the forum, and de-prioritizing bug reports that don't have either a working reproduction recipe or multiple independent confirmations that it's a real bug.