For use cases that mix annexed files with files stored in git, the annex.largefiles config is more important in v6 repositories than before, since it configures the behavior of git add and even git commit -a. To make it possible to set annex.largefiles so it'll stick across clones of a repository, I have now made it be supported in .gitattributes files as well as git config.

Setting it in .gitattributes looks a little bit different, since the regular .gitattributes syntax can be used to match on the filename.

* annex.largefiles=(largerthan=100kb)
*.c annex.largefiles=nothing

It seems there's no way to make a git attribute value contain whitespace. So, more complicated annex.largefiles expressions need to use parens to break up the words.

* annex.largefiles=(largerthan=100kb)and(not(include=*.c))