Have waited too long for some next-generation encrypted P2P network, like telehash to emerge. Time to stop waiting; tor hidden services are not as cutting edge, but should work. Updated the design and started implementation in the tor branch.

Unfortunately, Tor's default configuration does not enable the ControlPort. And, changing that in the configuration could be problimatic. This makes it harder than it ought to be to register a tor hidden service. So, I implemented a git annex enable-tor command, which can be run as root to set it up. The webapp will probably use su-to-root or gksu to run it. There's some Linux-specific parts in there, and it uses a socket for communication between tor and the hidden service, which may cause problems for Windows porting later.

Next step will be to get git annex remotedaemon to run as a tor hidden service.

Also made a no-xmpp branch which removes xmpp support from the assistant. That will remove 3000 lines of code when it's merged. Will probably wait until after tor hidden services are working.

Today's work was sponsored by Jake Vosloo on Patreon.