Andrew Wringler has released git-annex-turtle which provides Apple Finder integration for git-annex on macOS, including custom badge icons, contextual menus and a Menubar icon. This looks really nice!

I've completed the P2P protocol with git-annex-shell. It turned out just as fast and good as I'd hoped. ?accellerate ssh remotes with git-annex-shell mass protocol has the benchmark details.

Even transferring of large files speeds up somewhat; git-annex is actually faster than rsync at shoving bytes down a pipe. (Though rsync still wins in lots of other benchmarks I'm sure.)

Surprisingly, in one benchmark, I found accessing a repository on localhost via ssh is now slightly faster than accessing that same repository by path. I think that this is because when git-annex is talking to git-annex-ssh, the programs run on different CPU cores, so there's some extra concurrency.

There are still some implementation todos, some of which will make it faster yet, and others involving potential edge cases. This is a big change and will need some time to be considered stable.

Today's work was sponsored by Jake Vosloo on Patreon