New version released today with adb special remote, http connection caching, improved progress displays, annex.retry, and other changes.

I've been rethinking git annex move in the context of numcopies checking. Thanks to a user posting git-annex move does not appear to respect numcopies. Of course, move is known not to do that, but it's useful to get a perspective that this is susprising behavior and not wanted by that user, and poorly documented besides.

So, I added git annex move --safe which does honor numcopies, so it only does a copy when there are not enough copies to move.

I'm leaning toward making that the default behavior, and needing git annex move --unsafe to get the current behavior of moving without a net. Of course, lots of us probably use move and like the current behavior, and such a change can break workflows and scripts. There might be a transition period where move warns when run without --safe or --unsafe. Feedback welcomed on the bug report ?move violates numcopies.