I have a git-annex repository checked out onto two separate drives (connected to the same machine). git-annex is aware of other copies of the repository on other drives that are not currently accessible. The local repository version is 5, and I'm running git-annex version 6.20170818. I have configured numcopies, and it displays correctly on both machines:

$ git annex numcopies 2

However, I can't figure out how to use git annex move to match the behavior I'd expect. If I run:

$ git annex move my_file.txt --to otherdrive

it will copy my_file.txt to otherdrive and drop it from my primary drive, even though it's only aware of two copies. git annex drop, however, behaves as I'd expect.

$ git annex drop my_file.txt
drop my_file.txt (unsafe)
    Could only verify the existence of 1 out of 2 necessary copies

    Rather than dropping this file, try using: git annex move

    (Use --force to override this check, or adjust numcopies.)

It appears that move is equivalent to git annex copy && git annex drop --force, rather than git annex copy && git annex drop. That's surprising to me, but the message here implies that it's the intended behavior. In any case, I can't figure out which arguments to pass to git-annex move to simulate the behavior of git annex copy && git annex drop - that is, I want to move a file to a different drive (to free up space), but I do not want to drop it if I cannot ensure the correct number of copies exist.

Passing --numcopies 2 doesn't do what I want either:

$ git annex move --numcopies 2 --to otherdrive my_file.txt

will still copy the file to otherdrive and drop my local copy, leaving me with only one copy.

Is there a mode for git annex move which behaves the desired way: moving a file to a different drive, while still ensuring that I don't end up with fewer than N verifiable copies (where N is the value already configured via git-annex-numcopies)?