I've long been unsatisfied with the amount of effort needed to maintain the Android port in its current state, the hacky cross-compiler toolchain needs days of wasted work to update, and is constantly out of date and breaking in one way or other. This sucks up any time I might spare to actually improve the Android port.

So, it was quite a surprise yesterday when I downloaded the git-annex standalone Linux tarball into the Termux Android shell and unpacked it, and it more or less worked!

The result, after a few minor fixes, works just as well as the git-annex Android app, and probably better. Even the webapp works well, and with the Termux:Boot app, it can even autostart the assistant on boot as a daemon. If you want to give it a try, see install on Android in Termux.

So, I am leaning toward deprecating the android port for this, removing 14 thousand lines of patches and android-specific code. Not going to do it just yet, but I feel a weight lifting...

Today's work was sponsored by Jake Vosloo on Patreon.