Annoyingly, the Android 4.3 fix breaks git-annex on Android 4.0 (probably through 4.2), so I now have two separate builds of the Android app.

Worked on Windows porting today. I've managed to get the assistant and watcher (but not yet webapp) to build on Windows. The git annex transferrer interface needs POSIX stuff, and seems to be the main thing that will need porting for Windows for the assistant to work, besides of course file change detection. For that, I've hooked up Win32-notify.

So the watcher might work on Windows. At least in theory. Problem is, while all the code builds ok, it fails to link:

ghc.exe: could not execute: C:\Program Files (x86)\Haskell Platform\2012.4.0.0\lib/../mingw/bin/gcc.exe

I wonder if this is case of too many parameters being passed?

This happens both on the autobuilder and on my laptop, so I'm stuck here. Oh well, I was not planning to work on this anyway until February...