With git-annex 7.20190912 released this fine Friday the 13th, I've finally made v7 the default!

See upgrades for details about this major transitition if you have not been keeping up with v7 stuff.

Based on some feedback that it would be good to have a way to avoid accidental upgrades of a repository in some circumstances, there's a new config option git config annex.autoupgraderepository false to prevent upgrades. Since the new git-annex doesn't support working in v5 repos, setting that will make every command except git annex upgrade fail.

Users of rpm based linux distros can now install a git-annex-standalone.rpm package that will work on a broad range of systems. It's based on the standalone tarball, just packaged as a rpm similar to the git-annex-standalone.deb provided by NeuroDebian.