The git-lfs support I added to git-annex had one small problem: People expect to be able to clone a git repo and get right to using it, but after cloning a git-annex repo that's on a server that uses git-lfs, there was an extra git annex enableremote step to be able to use it as a git-lfs special remote. And, you ended up with a "origin" git remote and a git-lfs special remote with some other name.

Now, it's this simple to set up a git-lfs repo on eg, github:

git annex initremote github type=git-lfs encryption=none url=
git annex sync github
git annex copy --to github ...

And then for others to clone and use it is even simpler:

git clone
cd lfstest
git annex get

The only gotcha is that git-annex has to know the url that's used for the remote. Cloning any other url any other way (eg http instead of https) will result in git-annex not using it. This is a consequence of git-lfs not having any equivilant of a git-annex repository UUID, so git-annex can't probe for the UUID and has to compare urls. This can be worked around using initremote --sameas to tell git-annex about other urls.