Still working on the git repair code. Improved the test suite, which found some more bugs, and so I've been running tests all day and occasionally going and fixing a bug in the repair code. The hardest part of repairing a git repo has turned out to be reliably determining which objects in it are broken. Bugs in git don't help (but the git devs are going to fix the one I reported).

But the interesting new thing today is that I added some upgrade alert code to the webapp. Ideally everyone would get git-annex and other software as part of an OS distribution, which would include its own upgrade system -- But the survey tells me that a quarter of installs are from the prebuilt binaries I distribute.

So, those builds are going to be built with knowledge of an upgrade url, and will periodically download a small info file (over https) to see if a newer version is available, and show an alert.

I think all that's working, though I have not yet put the info files in place and tested it. The actual upgrade process will be a manual download and reinstall, to start with, and then perhaps I'll automate it further, depending on how hard that is on the different platforms.