Fixed a few problems in the armel build, and it's been confirmed to work on Raspberry Pi and Synology NAS. Since none of the fixes were specific to those platforms, it will probably work anywhere the kernel is new enough. That covers 9+% of the missing ports in the user survey!

Thought through the possible issues with the assistant on Windows not being able to use lsof. I've convinced myself it's probably safe. (In fact, it might be safe to stop checking with lsof when using the assistant in direct mode entirely.) Also did some testing of some specific interesting circumstances (including 2 concurrent writers to a single file).

I've been working on adding the webapp to the armel build. This can mostly reuse the patches and EvilSplicer developed for Android, but it's taking some babysitting of the build to get yesod etc installer for various reasons. Will be surprised if I don't get there tomorrow.

One other thing.. I notice that is up and running. This was set up by Subito, who offered me the domain, but I suggested he keep it and set up a pretty start page that points new users at the relevant parts of the wiki. I think he's done a good job with that!