If you've been keeping an eye on the roadmap, you'll have seen that xmpp security keeps being pushed back. This was because it's a hard and annoying problem requiring custom crypto and with an ugly key validation problem built into it too. I've now removed it from the roadmap entirely, replacing it with a telehash design.

I'm excited by the possibilities of using telehash with git-annex. It seems it would be quite easy to make it significantly more peer-to-peer and flexible. The only issue is that telehash is still under heavy development and the C implementation is not even usable yet.. (I'll probably end up writing Haskell bindings to that.) So I've pushed it down the roadmap to at least March.

Spent the rest of the day making some minor improvements to external special remote protocol and doing some other minor bug fixes and backlog catch up. My backlog has exploded to nearly 50 messages remaining.

Today's work was sponsored by Chad Horohoe.