Activity has been a bit low again this week. It seems to make sense to do weekly releases currently (rather than bi-monthly), and Thursday's release had only one new feature (Tahoe LAFS) and a bunch of bug fixes.

Looks like git-annex will get back into Debian testing soon, after various fixes to make it build on all architectures again, and then the backport can be updated again too.

I have been struggling with a problem with the OSX builds, which fail with a SIGKILL on some machines. It seems that homebrew likes to agressively optimise things it builds, and while I have had some success with its --build-bottle option, something in the gnutls stack used for XMPP is still over-optimised. Waiting to hear back from Kevin on cleaning up some optimised system libraries on the OSX host I use. (Is there some way to make a clean chrooot on OSX that can be accessed by a non-root user?)

Today I did some minor work involving the --json switch, and also a small change (well, under 300 line diff) allowing --all to be mixed with options like --copies and --in.