Hello, I would like to use git-annex to sync files between my desktop, laptop, and a remote server. The remote server is part of a Beowulf cluster, these files are used to run simulations on the cluster, but I want the same files on my laptop and desktop to mirror those on the cluster. I already have git annex assistant syncing files between the desktop and laptop. I do not and will not ever have root access on the cluster, so I can't install git-annex there. I can access the cluster server via ssh or by mounting it as NFS (OS X 10.11.6). The NFS solution doesn't work due to the issues with file locking previously discussed on these forums. I can set up an ssh repo but that's a "special remote" and I cannot access the files when ssh'ed in there, which I need to do to run the simulations. Is there a strategy to do what I want with git-annex? Thanks!