Hi, This is not an issue, more some questions related to my 'legacy' git-annex worklfow which is disturbed with v7 repos.

The context

I've got an old repo (initially v5) which has both plain git txt files and annexed binary files. The plain git files don't go through git-annex, only git. THis way, I have the classic git history of the txt files, versionning, plus the management of the (big) binaries via git-annex. The best of the two worlds.

The pb

I converted it to v7, and it is now not possible to add plain git files anymore though 'git add', they are managed by git-annex automatically, probably because of the smudge filter added in .git/info/attributes. I understand (and like) this new behaviour, because it avoids adding big binary files though 'git add' by accident. But in this repo, I would like to come back to the old behaviour.

What I did

I disabled git-annex smudge filter in the file .git/info/attributes, which is now:

#* filter=annex
.* !filter

Question at 100000$

Is this safe ?

Question 2

Is there an other way of achieving this (adding plain git files outside git-annex) ?