I have 3 remotes for an annex - one on my laptop, one on a USB drive that's plugged in 50% of the time, and an rsync special remote on a friend's machine that I can access using SSH.

I have tried various things (annex copy, numcopies=3) to make it move data to the rsync remote, but it doesn't seem to want to work. I have tried git annex sync. I added the remote repo using the webapp, and it looked as if it was copying my files for a bit then stopped. I have the remote repo setup as a backup in the webapp.

The sizes of the directorys: ~ $ du -sh Documents 126M Documents ~ $ du -sh /Volumes/Backup/Documents 227M /Volumes/Backup/Documents

and the remote [c0g@womb Tom]$ du -sh MacDocuments/ 21M MacDocuments/

I'm also curious as to why the usb drive repo is so much bigger than the thing I'm copying, but I'll worry about that later.