I am using the latest git-annex with the webui having two local folders (one over nfs) connected as a full backup group.

On every reboot I get a jumping ball icon with the text:

"Attempting to repair [tr2]"

And the later the text:

"failed to sync to tr2"

The debug log is filled with entries like this, where the number of deltas is increasing:

[2014-08-26 20:34:50 CEST] PushRetrier: Syncing with tr2 fatal: pack has 15 unresolved deltas error: unpack failed: index-pack abnormal exit To /nfs/backup ! [remote rejected] git-annex -> synced/git-annex (n/a (unpacker error)) ! [remote rejected] annex/direct/master -> synced/master (n/a (unpacker error)) error: failed to push some refs to '/nfs/backup''