Is it "safe" to run git-annex addurl or git-annex registerurl in batch mode on a git-annex repository while also occasionally executing git rm on that repository while the batch process is running? By "safe", I mean "the git rm process will never crash due to the git lock file already existing." Is there a way to ensure that a git rm invocation will not fail due to locking issues while keeping the batch process running?

The only relevant information I can find on this is, which states that a batch process will not hold a single lock throughout its entire run but says nothing about whether a batch process uses a lock at all.

(I am asking about this because we have a program that runs batch processes concurrently with git rm invocations, and very rarely there are crashes due to locking issues with git rm. My boss now wants me to address these issues by shutting down any running batch processes before running git rm, but this will be a giant hassle that I wish to avoid if at all possible.)