The current behaviour of 'fsck' is a bit verbose. I have an annex'd directory of tarballs for my own build system for "science" applications, there's about ~600 or so blobs in my repo, I do occassionally like to run fsck across all my data to see what files don't meet the min num copies requirement that I have set.

Would it be better for the default behaviour of fsck when it has not been given a path to only output errors and not bother to show that a file is ok for every single file in a repo. i.e.

git annex fsck

should show only 'errors' and maybe a simple indicator showing the status (show a spinner or dots?) and when

git annex fsck PATH/FILE 

it should have the current behaviour?

Right now the current fsck behaviour might get annoying for anyone who would want to run fsck with repos with lots of big files.