Best way to extract git-annex object files (with correct names) in absence of git log?


  • any git log is missing, so restore not viable
  • annex directory is empty, i.e. no symlinks (.git/annex present, though)
  • annex A: .git/annex/transfer/download/failed contains files
  • annex B: .git/annex/objects contains files
  • git-annex fsck -A: checksums files present
  • git-annex fix: no change
  • git-annex sync [--content]: on B fetched objects, fails on A (iirc)
  • git-annex find: nothing
  • git-annex unused shows couple of files on annex A and B
  • git-annex addunused && git-annex unlock makes them available but filename is missing: "unused.SHA256E-[...].pdf"

Question: any chance of restoring those files with their correct names?

Thanks i.a. for any recommendations.