What is the best way to add again the content of file in an direct and crippled annex repository? I'm using such a repository on a SMB drive, with no symbolic links, that's why the repository is in direct mode.

For example:

/disk/annex-rep/a.bin contains the text ../.git/annex/objects/W3/M8/SHA256E-s4701522386--e486cce01b1870cee394a376a3acc64a608e84e38b85e6c21c29721cf14328e6.bin/SHA256E-s4701522386--e486cce01b1870cee394a376a3acc64a608e84e38b85e6c21c29721cf14328e6.bin

and I've got the real content in another directory, outside annex: /disk/a.bin (contains the binary data)

I imagined this process: * replace /disk/annex-rep/a.bin with /disk/a.bin`` * updategit-annex:122/4b8/SHA256E-s4701522386--e486cce01b1870cee394a376a3acc64a608e84e38b85e6c21c29721cf14328e6.bin.log` by adding this repository uuid

I tried git annex reinject but it didn't work.

Is there another way?