I'm wondering if it is possible to have remotes that don't have the content of git-annex tracked.

My use case:

I have a number of projects that I am working on at any one time. They all are tracking independently by git and more recently I am using git annex to manage the large files.

However because I have so many projects I work on one (called AAA), move to another, delete AAA to save disk space, ...time passes... return to AAA.

Now, prior to git-annex I could just clone AAA from my central repository folder do work, commit, push, repeat and then delete and there is no indication that I had one, or many copies of AAA floating around. Now with git-annex there is some trail of me cloning, running git annex get, etc.

Is there some way to set a remote as untracked? By that I mean it is classed as untrusted - so I can move files around, add them, copy to trusted remotes and delete the whole repository without worrying about losing data - but it also doesn't push any of the git-annex tracking info of where a copy of a file actually is. I don't want to know if any or all of my other untracked repositories have a copy of a file or not.

I don't want my git annex whereis polluted with many references to repositories that just don't exist any more. I guess I could set them to dead but that still keeps all of the tracking info around in all the repos, which seems unnecessary...