Hello. This is in the git-annex usage case called "the nomad":

When she has 1 bar on her cell, Alice queues up interesting files on her server for later. At a coffee shop, she has git-annex download them to her USB drive.

Every time I read this, it makes me think that it would be possible to "tag" a number of files, and then get them all in one go when they are made available. This would be quite useful since I don't always remember what files I wanted when I plug in the external HD and I don't always go get the HD when I remember one more file that would be convenient to have.

Unfortunately I never did find a way of achieving this (not on the command line). Perhaps I could use the preferred content to achieve that effect, but it does not seem as convenient as something like an hypothetical git-annex get --delayed filename1 filename2.

Could someone suggest a way of doing this? Thank you very much. I'm still learning this neat tool.