I try to achieve this with my podcast repository:

I have three repositories all in indirect mode:

  1. desktop
  2. backup on usb disk at desktop
  3. raspberrypi

I want to use the desktop as transfer repository.

If I add a new url on the raspberrypi I want to sync the content via the desktop repository to the backup repository which is no directly accessible from the raspberrypi.

If I add a new url on desktop the content should be moved to raspberrypi and backup.

So I don't want to have the content of the files on the desktop. All content should be in backup.

If content is not in raspberrypi I want to get it from backup via desktop.

What is the best workflow to achieve this?

Currently my problem is that if I do a "git annex sync --content" the content is also copied to desktop. Maybe because the desktop repo is origin?

  • backup is in group backup
  • desktop is in group transfer
  • raspberrypi is in no special group

To do further experiments I need a way to see in what group a repo is, but "git annex show" has no information about this.