As I am beginning to experiment with git-annex, I am trying to imagine a system as hand-free as possible, that could be usable even for non-git users once everything is setup. Knowing the safety limitations of using files directly, I tend towards using either an unlocked adjusted branch with annex.thin, or a directory special remote (exporttree=yes, importtree=yes), as git-annex will operate further away from the tracked data.

The setup will include multiple computers sharing the same tree, which will have multiple copies across other servers. As each computer will have a different set of prefered content rules, it is important to see missing files.

I feel that the unlocked mode is the safer option, but there is the appeal in having files mostly untouched as in the directory special remote.

How do both methods compare from a user perspective? What are their limitations? Is there a way to show hidden files on a directory special remote (as drafted)?