Here is my situation, Say I have a repo that is 3 TBs (lets call this repo A has full copy of everything.) and I have 3 other drives all 1 TB each lets call them B C D, then I have partial checkouts on my laptops D E. What I would like to do is, have two copies of all files in A and BCD I would like to threat BCD as a group acting like a single repo so A distributes files evenly to drives in group BCD. I also want copies in D and E to not count towards num of files. As for the latter even though I set D and E as untrusted annex still counts copies on those repos If a get a file in D assistant drops a copy from one of the trusted repos A or BCD I have to move it back instead of just dropping it. Also How can I or is it possible to set BCD to act as a group so A distributes files among drives currently I can do this using find/get but it turns it into a math problem every time a add a file to A I have to manually check which disk has most space navigate to it check files with less copies then 2 and get them.