Hello, thanks for all the work in Git-annex! We've been using since 2018 for Integrated Circuits (ASICs) design with a lot of success.

One feature that would help us would be to be able to Drop Unused, but not all Unused. In our design flow, every 2 or 3 weeks, we update a collection of Objects, replacing, "overwriting" the objects with newer version. So the older becomes Unused.

But we want to keep a certain history depth of Unused. And this cannot be based on dates. Because when we stop working on a certain block/module, the Unused Objects can become quite old (like 6 months), but we still want to keep like for example 3x Unused Objects.

Example: we have overwritten 12x times the same Object "module_a.jpg". So we have 11x Unused versions of "module_a.jpg". We want to keep the latest and +3x latest Unused. So on total only 8x Unused copies would get Dropped.

Is there a way to do that with Git-annex? Or we would need to create a custom script to parse the git-repository, list all the 12x keys of "module_a.jpg", and pick the 8x for Dropping?

Thank you. Best regards. Davi Castro.