I’ve noticed something odd when inspecting the history of the git-annex branch today. Apparently, the branch had some merge conflicts during sync that involved two alternative location tracking entries that both were for one and the same remote. Both entries only differed in their timestamps, and the union merge kept both, so that I now have .log files in the annex branch that contain duplicate parts like this.

1404838274.151066s 1 a2401cfd-1f58-4441-a2b3-d9bef06220ad
1406978406.24838s 1 a2401cfd-1f58-4441-a2b3-d9bef06220ad

The UUID here is my local repository.

The duplication also occurred in the uuid.log:

4316c3dc-5b6d-46eb-b780-948c717b7be5 server timestamp=1404839228.113473s
4316c3dc-5b6d-46eb-b780-948c717b7be5 server timestamp=1404847241.863051s

Is this something to be concerned about? The situation somehow arose in relation to unannexing a bunch of files and rebasing the master branch.