Hello, I would like to know if there is any way to specifically list the locked or unlocked annexed files in a git annex. I looked at the git-annex-lock, git-annex-find, and git-annex-matching-options pages and even the discussion about the unlocked files but I didn't find anything.

I know it wouldn't make any sens for the older versions, but in the v6 mode, I think it might be useful to add such a shortcut search. I mean, we can already look for local content with: git annex find --in=here so why not create something like git annex find --locked/unlocked=yes/no ?

Sure it is already more or less doable by looking at symlinks:

#list all broken symlinks (locked absent files ?)
find . -xtype l 
#list all symlinks (locked present files ?)
find -L . -xtype l
#list all files that aren't symlinks (unlocked files ?)
find . -type -f

But it is also possible for any symlink or file not to be part of the annex. So, in order to find the locked/unlocked files, it would require to intersect the previous sets of files with the set of annexed ones.

Am I missing any easy tip or command argument to do this ?