• Had two repo A and B.
  • A had a lot of content not yet tracked and thus not available on B.
  • Filesystem problem on A: (relatively small) part of big repo content is lost.
  • In emergency, used rsync to propagate yet untracked content from failing A to sane B.
  • But forgot ignore .git, so rsync also partly rsync'ed .git/annex .
  • Now sane repo B believes it is the source one (same UUID A) as shown by git annex info --fast.

Both A and B show:

UUID-of-A -- A [here]
UUID-of-B -- B

Actions done

Search on Google, see .

On B:

git annex reinit UUID-of-B
git annex fsck

Now git annex info -fast on B shows as expected:

UUID-of-A -- A
UUID-of-B -- B [here]

I'm currently doing git annex copy --from B to repropagate lost parts of A.


  • Were actions done best thing to do?
  • Is there something more to do?
  • Something to check?