This is a recreation of a stackexchange question, in case the community here is more knowledgeable.

Link to stackexchange question :

Content : "Maybe this is just a crazy use case that doesn't work, but I was wondering if there's a way to build a file's history from files with different file names. I'm exploring this idea because I'd like to have a git-annex system but I can't force my coworkers to adapt.

Here's what I have in mind :

Folder 1, managed by coworkers (On a shared disk) :



Git-annex, managed by me :


(with a shop branch and a asbuilt branch)

The git-annex's drawing.pdf would have an history like this :

Commit A "Initial shop drawing"
Commit B "Add corrections from Wizzbasket"
  Commit C "Reflect as built"
  Commit D "Change dweezelbox block for simplicity"

But somehow the "managed by coworkers" repo would be a direct mode repo with Commit A pointing to drawing_shop_12_nov_2015.pdf, Commit B to drawing_shop_13_nov_2015.pdf etc.

Can this be done?"