I am trying to use Git Annex Assistant on my Fedora Linux computer. I currently have a local repository that assistant monitors, but now I want to use my personal server as a git remote for the repository. I click on Configuration > Remote server and it prompts me for my server login credentials and then click the "Check this server" button. After this I am shown a screen that assistant is "Ready to add remote server" and then states:

The server can be used as is, but installing git-annex on it would make it work better, and provide more options below.

If you're able to install software on the server, do so and click Retry

The information shown below this message is regarding encrypting the data (if I have git-annex installed on the server, which I don't). So my question is, what do I do now? There is no button to just add the remote from within git annex assistant? I created a bare repository on my server and added a remote manually inside the repository on my local machine, but git annex assistant doesn't notice it. I'm clueless on what git annex assistant is expecting from me at this point. I would think what I'm trying to do is one of the most common use cases for git annex, but I can't find any documentation or materials on the correct procedure for this. Any help is appreciated.

Regards, Blake