So, I'm using git-annex to manage a group of external hard drives that I use to store a bunch of big files.

When syncing tonight, though, it decided to take a whole subdirectory and replace the symlinks with the content directly when merging, or something.

The remote side is not like that, and I didn't tell it to do anything like that. It just seems to feel like that's the thing to do, then it syncs and fails because suddenly git has many gigs of objects, which is what git-annex is supposed to solve.

I've reset master a bunch of times, and it keeps choosing that path, but I don't know why. I've also reset master and synced/master a few times. I'm not fully sure what that one actually encodes, so I didn't want to touch it too much, but setting it to the same thing as master didn't seem to fix things either.

Any idea why?