The fine people over at would love to make git-annex branded shirts, hoodies and currently also backpacks with git-annex branding. We recently started a cooperation for DataLad shirts, which are now available here. I have one of those and they look and feel very good. I would love to have the same with git annex's logo embroidered on it. Especially as the distribits meeting is upcoming, now would be a good time to give Gabor from hellotux a quick go that he may start. It won't cost git-annex anything, for datalad the process was very simple: send Gabor the SVG, they make a test stitch and if that looks fine, he'll add it to the webpage.

@joey if you're against this for some reason, you may just say so, then I'll stop bringing this up but I'd like to know what you think of it. 😃