Hi, I'm trying to setup git annex assistant (my first time). When I add the server (in "transfert" mode, if that matters) I get the following error:

"Neither rsync nor git-annex are installed on the server. Perhaps you should go install them?"

I manually verified that both rsync and git/git-annex are installed and available from PATH in the "annex" account and all seems to be ok.

Can you suggest a way to get a more specific information on the source of the error?

My first guess was that this is due to the fact that rsync and git-annex are installed in "non-standard locations". My server run NixOS (http://nixos.org) which has a completely different convention about directory hierarchy from traditional linux/unix OS (that is, no /usr/bin /usr/lib etc.). However, I tried to "cheat" by manually adding symbolic links into a /usr/bin but this didn't work either, so I might be looking in the wrong direction.

Any suggestion appreciated, thank you in advance,