Whenever I sync files with windows, it shows the every binary file as modified. I've just cloned "fresh" repo from a linux host and git annex geted the 15-11-03 folder. Running git annex status 15-11-03 shows

M ..\15-11-03/ADL Update 11-03-15.pptx M ..\15-11-03/Gaming-Rage-Face.jpg M ..\15-11-03/eluted-absorption-spectra.png M ..\15-11-03/elution.png M ..\15-11-03/prep-diagram.png M ..\15-11-03/rc-elution-01 (2015 Nov 03).csv M ..\15-11-03/rc-elution-02 (2015 Nov 03).csv M ..\15-11-03/rc-elution-03 (2015 Nov 03).csv M ..\15-11-03/rc-prep-01.h5 M ..\15-11-03/rc-test-1 (2015 Nov 03).csv M ..\15-11-03/rc-test-2 (2015 Nov 03).csv M ..\15-11-03/wash-absorption.png

Edit: I should add that this repo is untrusted. Doing sync on it just ends up pulling from remotes, not pushing anywhere:

λ git annex sync commit (recording state in git...) ok pull origin ok pull github ok

How would I check if this is a problem with my installation or a bug in git annex?