Hi everyone,

Just wanted to ask how to handle the following situation:

  • shared computer, everyone has an unprivileged, non-sudoer account and logs in via ssh for example or JupyterHub (unprivileged terminal, no sudo possible from there).
  • shared directory (everyone in same group, all files owned by group, sticky bit, file owner varies)
  • git-annex repository on this shared directory

Problem: git-annex operations fail depending on who the owner of the files is. As git-annex needs to chmod files (which is only possible as owner of the file), this is a problem.

A partial solution I've employed right now is to sudo-allow one specific command that recursively sets themselves as owner for the shared directory (including the git-annex repo). This however only works when sudo is working, which is not the case from JupyterHub...

Any other ideas? (Except ditching the shared folder...)