I am in the process of organising all of my documents (pdf/ps/etc.) and putting them into an annex. It seems like the easiest (and smartest?) way for me to manage my 15,000+ document library... (Yeah, I've not read them all!)

However, one of the issues I have run into is when I want to include something like a software manual...

I'm not even sure if git-annex is the correct way to handle these sort of document, but...

What would you do if the URL stays the same, but the file content changes over time?

For example, the administration manual for R gets updated and re-released for each release of R, but the URL stays the same.


I'm not particularly worried about whether my annex version is the most recent, just that if I want to 'annex get' it, it will pull a version from somewhere.

Any thoughts?

I'd bet that the SHA-hash would change between releases(!) so would a WORM backend be the best approach? It would mess up my one-file-in-multiple-directories (i.e. multiple simlinks to the one SHA-...-.....) approach.