At one point, in two repositories, I added the largefiles options to my .gitattributes file: * annex.backend=BLAKE2B512E annex.numcopies=2 annex.largefiles=largerthan=32kb

There were already Org-mode files in those repositories, kept under git. I used git annex init on those repositories long after those files had been under version control.

Since some these files were larger than 32k, it appears that after editing them, git-annex decided to alter the files so that the content in Git HEAD for each file is a pathname into the objects directory. That is, when I use ls -l the file is never a symlink, and yet if I use git show, I see a pathname. Using git annex unlock on the file does nothing.

I decided to remove the annex.largefiles setting, since I don't want this behavior to be "automatic" anymore. So, in one of the two repositories, I ran git annex unannex, and then git add, and now I have a regular file back under version control again.

In the other repository, however, the file goes back to being a file path in the Git tree when I use "git add". Nothing that I do will add the file contents to Git rather than to the Annex, in this strange mode where it's never a symlink on disk, but it's definitely an Annex object file path in the Git tree.

How do I tell Annex to stop managing this particular file?