This seems like something that should be completely obvious, but I've been trying to get it working for a while without success.

I have a few machines (at least 3) at different locations. I want them all to be synced with a remote server that I have. I've installed git-annex on the server, and setting up the assistant on one of the machines, I can create the remote repository, and all seems to work (it spits out info about syncing... though I don't have any easy way of checking if it's working, as all I have is the one client).

It says in the webapp that setting up a remote git repository in transfer mode will make it easy to have other clients. But I'm wondering how to set that up. I tried just adding the same server with the same path on another machine, but it doesn't seem to be syncing, and I imagine that it is trying to create a fresh repo there instead of syncing with an existing one.

So, how do I set this up? I don't mind adding git remotes, ssh keys, etc, manually, but I haven't been able to figure out what I should be doing! My end goal is to have one annex that is synced between the many computers (ala Dropbox, as the assistant is supposed to be).

Note that the configuration of the test machines: client 1 - debian, git-annex built from current cabal server - debian, git-annex from apt client2 - mac osx, git-annex built from current cabal

Thanks, Daniel