I have a large (3.3 GB) file uploading to a Backblaze B2 remote ... when I first issued the git annex copy --to command, it showed a nice progress bar. However, it didn't finish on the first attempt (probably due to system hibernation or something).

At first I couldn't get it to resume; I used git annex whereis to confirm that it wasn't in the remote (and confirmed manually), then I tried to reissue the git annex copy command to resume, but I got an error: copy failed: "transfer already in progress, or unable to take transfer lock".

I'm not sure how, but I got it to resume ... I think it was git annex copy --failed --to=(remote) ... I know that it resumed because I can see the network traffic, confirmed in nethogs that it is coming from git-annex-remote-b2, and issuing git annex info reports the file is uploading under transfers in progress.

What I'm wondering, is how can I get information on the progress of the upload, how much it's done and has left, etc? Or even a progress bar, since the initial copy command gave a nice progress bar?

I've been searching the documentation, man pages, and web, but haven't found anything so far ... please forgive me and let me know if I missed this somewhere.

Thank you.

PS: I love git annex; it's taken me a while to grok it and start using it usefully (despite my being already a somewhat experienced git user); but the steep-ish learning curve is worth it, for a file management system with flexible, distributed backends, that I can have control over, and with versioning. Thank you very much for creating and sharing and continuing to work on it.

-- aaronw