I've found that git annex works great as a way to publish websites to a web server. I can edit my website on my computer, git annex sync my working directory to the VPS, and then git annex get files-I-want-to-publish. This works great. I can maintain my normal working directory structure on the VPS and I don't have to worry about people seeing files I DIDN'T want to publish, since the dead symlinks just show up as 404s.

There's one small problem.


1) I've already published a file using git annex get file-to-update

2) I update that file on my computer

3) I do git annex sync

4) I do git annex get file-to-update

Between steps 3 and 4, file-to-update goes from being an accessible web resource to being a dead symlink. It's not really a problem for me, as hardly anyone visits my site. But it would be nice if I could make sync leave the old symlink to the old file until I geted the new one.

Is this possible?

PS: For those who might follow in my footsteps, remember that you probably don't want people reading the contents of your .git dir, so make a re-write rule for this!