I want to import a file that's on my filesystem as a/b/c, but have it end up in the repo at $REPO/d/e/f -- but only if it's not already present, i.e. using --skip-duplicates. There are two requirements here; git annex import will meet one of them (dedup), and copy+git annex add will meet the other (arbitrary destination). Is there a way to meet both at once?

(Actually, for my current use case, what I really want is to import a/b/c to $REPO/a/b/c -- but not to import all the rest of the tree under a/. Can't get there either. If I say git annex import a/b/c, the directory structure isn't preserved; the file ends up at $REPO/c. For this specific use case, a --preserve-directories option to import would be splendid, but that's rather specific; being able to specify an arbitrary destination would be a more general solution.)