Depending on how I am getting my network connection there are cases where I want to never access a remote. BUT it depends on the network connection.

For example, when I'm roaming (and paying excessively for each byte)

  • I really don't want my music annex to ever hit some site (like S3 / Glacier), BUT
  • I do want to be able to get from a remote (like Glacier) for my work annex.

But if I'm home, then all's fair.

That means I can't do something simple like blocking a particular address/IP with DNS (or whatever). Or even not having the remote listed.

So... I was thinking of using annex-cost-command to allow me to set the cost of remotes, based on (say) my IP, but also the annex. Thus it would result in

  • [roaming] + [work-annex] == veryExpensiveRemoteCost
  • [roaming] + [music-annex] == Blocked

However I still need a way to say "never, ever, ever" for the cost of some remotes.

Is this possible? (With my cursory looking at the code, I can't see anything.)