I have few large files, which will be slightly modified from time to time. Consider the following example:

$ git init
$ git annex init "somerepo"
$ dd if=/dev/urandom of=foo bs=50M count=1
$ git annex add foo
$ git commit -m "foo added"
$ git annex unlock foo
$ echo "modification" >> foo
$ git annex add foo
$ git -m commit "modification 1 of foo"
$ echo "another modification" >> foo
$ git annex add foo
$ git -m commit "modification 2 of foo"

I would have expected ending up with a full copy of foo, and a delta storage for the first version and the first modification. Instead, three full-sized copies are created within the .git/annex/objects directory, even though the modifications only added a few characters.

Is there any way to not always store a full copy of each file for each modification, but only a delta?