I'd like to have git-annex assistant running so I can use it to sync files, but when I downloaded and ran it the webapp was missing.

I've recently begun using Trisquel, or rather the KDE version Triskel. The current Trisquel is built from Ubuntu Precise, 12.04, the current LTS version. Thus it seems that I'm a bit behind the current Ubuntu software, and my impression is that this relates to my problem.

In a post on this forum I read that a version of git-annex was built without the webapp, and that this had since been corrected. It appears from my git-annex version data that I have an older version, though I downloaded it only two days ago, and it's older than the corrected version. Is this because my Ubuntu stuff is out of date?

More importantly, is there any way I can get webapp running on my current OS, or must I wait until Trisquel gets to 13.04?