First of all, thanks to Joey for developing git-annex, good job!

I have a small feature request: when running git annex watch, new files are automatically added to the annex. It would be nice to let this depend on an attribute: add a file to annex if an attribute is set, otherwise do a regular git add.

My use-case is the following: I have a repository containing documents I'm working on (mostly LaTeX), which I'd like to be regular files in git (no annex), and a bunch of extra documentation (pdfs) and images, which I'd like to go to the annex. I currently set a git-attribute (addtoannex), and use a shell script to selectively add files to annex as follows:

Content of .gitattributes:

*.png addtoannex
*.jpg addtoannex

Snippet of add script:

git check-attr addtoannex "$FILE" | grep -q ": set$"
if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
    git annex add "$FILE"
    git add "$FILE"

It would be great if the watcher could honour an attribute.

best regards,