I screwed up my (pretty urgently-needed) git-annex repo by adding a completely wrong remote (like, an entirely different git directory) and then doing "git annex sync [name]"

The repos in question:

/foo/good   -   A repo on a hard drive
/bar/good   -   The same repo on my local computer
/bar/bad    -   An entirely unrelated repo on my local computer

What I did was basically:

cd /bar
git clone /foo/good
cd good
git annex init bar
cd /foo/good
git remote add bar /bar/bad   # BAD!
git annex sync bar

This pulled in the entire history of this 100% unrelated git repo. I realize what I've done, do "git reflog" and find the last good commit, and:

git reset --hard [last-good-commit]
git status
git fsck
git annex fsck
git log

Everything looks normal.

Then I:

git remote remove bar
git remote add bar /bar/good
git annex sync bar

And I get the whole /bar/bad repo's history again!

There are lots of other weird things I've encountered now I'm in this state, but to keep this as simple as I can: what should I do in this situation?!

Thank you!!