Hi there,

I want to migrate from git-annex-remote-hubic to git-annex-remote-rclone to access the same hubic remote, same container, same data. So ideally I just want to switch to rclone but reuse the old content (since uploading to hubic is so sloooooow).

My old remote is called hubic, my new one hubic2 in my git annex repo. Both are reported as similar by git annex info -F hubic/hubic2 :

remote: hubic
description: [hubic]
uuid: 396e481c-5fc9-4933-b6a4-b1398fb7c61b
trust: trusted
cost: 225.0
type: external
externaltype: hubic
encryption: pubkey (to gpg keys: XXX)
chunking: none

remote: hubic2
description: [hubic2]
uuid: adaea02d-920c-48fa-811d-c27e51bda85f
trust: semitrusted
cost: 250.0
type: external
externaltype: rclone
encryption: pubkey (to gpg keys: XXX)
chunking: none

Yes, the GPG key is the same. I only have one configured on this machine.

However, when I fsck for a file that is on hubic or on hubic2 I only get a positive result for hubic. The chatlogs of both fsck reveal that the key that fsck is looking for is different for the different remotes.

git-annex-remote-hubic[1] <-- CHECKPRESENT GPGHMACSHA1--64e155e3010f69e909e629c6d9fdacae5c0c3bef


git-annex-remote-rclone[1] <-- CHECKPRESENT GPGHMACSHA1--5cf9edd1a413c561775f8920fc7b21410be6c5a4

There is one thing I noticed though: Although in the remote-hubic case I have not chunking configured, I see with rclone lsl that I have some files in chunks up there. However, the file I am using for this test is only 2MB and it is not chunked on the remote.

What am I missing, what am I doing wrong? While writing this I thought of the following: Is there an intermediate key used for the actual encryption or for the encryption of the filenames? If yes how can I access it or make it available to the new remote?

Thanks, Marek